Swapnote as an NES app ⊟

Before you complain that this isn’t the NES palette or that it’s not a real homebrew release or whatever contrived annoyance you’ve created to power that hate-device you call your heart, watch this. Listen to this. Oh my god, it’s perfect. Big ups to composer James Roach and artist Merrigo for creating this amazing tribute.

Top five things I’ll miss about Swapnote, now that Nintendo’s all but killed it:

  • Nikki
  • That lovely music
  • Special stationary
  • Messages from way talented artists and rappers (s/o to Mister Raroo)
  • Organizing matches with other members in our Kid Icarus: Uprising clan, Garfield & Friends

I think we’re going to make this month Nikki November.

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Samus.by Josh.

We Come In Peace.by Nikola Korac.

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Created by Matt Joyce
(via dotcore)